The Best Team In Town

As a dentist I realize that it’s not exactly what we can do for you, it’s how we do it.

Are you looking for a dentist office that is warm, friendly, non-judgmental, and just a lot of fun to be around?  I’m blessed enough to get to do that every day!  Meet my wonderful crew!  Many of the staff have been working at this location for over 20 years.  I know that your experience going to the dentist is not just about the doctor, but the entire team.  They know the patients on a personal level, they care about them, and would do anything possible to make going the dentist enjoyable.

As a team we can together offer a wide range of services such as tooth whitening, periodontal therapy (gum therapy), amazing cosmetic dentistry, extraction of teeth, root canals, and many more procedures that you would expect as well as specialty procedures.

If you need a dentist and live in Rome, Georgia or anywhere for that matter, give us a call to set up your consultation.  Not only will you receive top quality care, but you will find a team behind the care who is interested in your best interest and ready to help you achieve a beautiful smile that will last you a lifetime!