Originally established in 1989 by Dr. James H. Hudson R., Rome Smiles has been a part of the dental community in Rome, Georgia for over 30 years. Our practice operates on the principal that everyone we see is treated like family. What that implies is that everything is done with courtesy and respect. From how we speak to you, how long you wait on us, what options are available to fix your needs- we treat you as if you were a member of our family.

Dr. Scharnhorst joined in 2018 and is the main dentist available during most business hours. This has allowed Dr. Hudson to focus on alleviating some health issues that have developed through his career in dentistry. Dr Scharnhorst has fit in immediately, and is accepting new patients.

Because we view all patients as family we care about you as a person, and not just your teeth. We know that your teeth and your smile can be the difference between low self esteem, or being confident enough to let your true personality shine. A good smile can be a big factor in securing a great job, or overall good nutrition and health. Your mouth and smile is a part of you and it affects your life, and your relationships. We feel great responsibility for your comfort and satisfaction.