Guided Implant Surgery

Implants have become the golden standard when it comes to replacing teeth. In the past dentists were limited in their ability to diagnose the amount of bone present in the jaw and the exact location of important structures such as nerves, and blood vessels. By using the technological advances in three dimensional CT scans, and 3d printing it is now possible to plan and place dental implants safely with a high degree of predictability.

Your surgery can also be accomplished less traumatically, as smaller and less incisions are necessary to achieve the same results. This means an easier and faster recovery for you.

To begin, a 3D scan is taken of your jaws, which will produce a computerized model of the area of interest. At that point, using implant planning software Dr. Scharnhorst can plan exactly where an implant will work best. Using this plan we then 3d print a surgical guide that will clip over your teeth or attach to your gums, helping to place the implant precisely where it was designed to go.

What Solutions Can Dental Implants Provide For You?

Replacing Some Teeth

Implant Crowns or bridges

Replacing All Your Teeth

Implant Supported Dentures

Stabilize A denture

Locator Dentures